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Exactly tailored to the respective process requirements of the devices, VersaWeld provides high productivity from the beginning. The application determines which laser source will be used and thus stainless steel, Kovar, Titan alloys and nonferrous metals can be efficiently processed. Typical devices for precision laser welding include sensors, micromotors, medical components and other miniature elements such as housings which require leak tightness.

Depending on the planned production volume, device loading is performed manually or automated. Optional quick-release gripper assemblies allow for maximum versatility if the system processes different production steps or device types alternately. The design concept includes an upgrade path from manual loading to full automation if higher production volumes or an unattended operation need to be realized in the future.

The powerful machine vision package uses various illumination techniques in order to obtain unambiguous pictures. Its algorithms include all standard techniques. Specific evaluation routines combine various techniques in one process step and deliver repeatable results in short time – even under difficult conditions (e. g. with highly reflecting surfaces).

Especially seam welding asks for highest reliability. The laser radiation is exactly applied at the ideal position. Purging with inert gas guarantees hermetic seals while splashes and discoloration are avoided. Weld fumes will be extracted. 

Diode-pumped solid-state lasers which emit pulsed or continuous radiation stand out due to their long life time, air cooling and they only need a voltage supply. The weld optics focus the beam down to 30 µm in the waist. In this way, the power density reaches more than 1 MW/cm² which is a prerequisite for heat conduction and keyhole welding.

VersaWeld works as a single station or can be integrated into production lines. Trays for single or multiple devices sets, belts and feeders present the parts for processing and serve for the exchange with other work stations in the line. In addition, VersaWeld controls robots for device loading.

Benefits of VersaWeld

  • Finest seam welds with high precision

  • High mechanical strength due to optimal weld parameters

  • Large portfolio of laser sources

  • Powerful machine vision

  • Seam monitoring by CCD camera

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