Laser chips, bars or VCSEL require precise placement and a durable connection to the carrier. The versatile bonding station NanoBond solves this task by its high precision and speed. The system structure consists of granite making it insensitive against disturbing influences and providing a safe operation over a long time period. The versatile concept of NanoBond allows for easy adaptation to future applications.


The work area of 700 x 900 mm offers sufficient space. The motion system works with linear motors and linear optical encoders which guarantee extremely high resolution and precision – even at the high speed due to the excellent acceleration of the linear motors. The empty surface of the vertical stage is equipped with an interface for fast tool changing. Sensors measure the force applied by the tools to the device. The desired forces can be programmed so that each device is handled ideally.

Benefits of NanoBond

  • Large work area
  • Precise motion with linear motors and linear
  • Fast tool change
  • Exact temperature profiling for eutectic bonding
  • Large selection of dispensers
  • Powerful automated machine vision

Eutectic bonding is performed with high energy laser radiation and with a wavelength matched to the device. Temperature sensors transmit the values to the control electronics and the power is precisely adapted. In this way, the temperature follows the desired profile fast and accurately.

NanoBond utilizes precision dispensers for gluing processes. These instruments apply a volume from nanoliters to several milliliters. In most application, UV radiation cures the resin. Alternatively, thermal curing is possible.

The illumination emits radiation at different wavelengths which can be combined as necessary. Together with different operation modes, the automated machine vision always receives clear and unambiguous pictures. Cameras with variable magnification display large structures or show finest details.

Feeders, robots and belts server for device loading and allow for unattended 24/7 operation.

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