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NanoSolder actively aligns optical components such as photonic circuits, waveguides, diode lasers, photodiodes, optical components and chips. It uses selective laser soldering for the assembly. Compared to gluing with subsequent curing, much shorter assembly times will be achieved by selective laser soldering.

NanoSolder works fast and efficient. The optional OptoSpin brings the alignment time in the plane down to 1 second. This is the pre-requisite for high volume and cost-efficient production.

Benefits of NanoSolder

  • Extremely fast alignment times providing high throughput
  • Reliable positioning with best coupling efficiency
  • Fast selective laser soldering with minimum shift
  • Harmonic transition from manual to automated production
  • Large variety of loading concepts
  • Broad spectrum of measurement instrumentation

The powerful machine vision monitors the loading processes and allows for the optimum pre-alignment of the devices to be assembled. The electrical contacting is automated.

A precision in the nanometer regime and a high dynamic range guarantee reliable and high resolution positioning procedures. The automated alignment algorithms optimize the position in short time while the measurement values are assigned to each product.

The feedback sensors include optical power measurement (in the visible, near and mid infrared spectrum), polarization measurement, beam profiling, optical spectrum analyzers, wave meters and MTF values. Specific algorithms will be applied for multi-channel alignments reducing the process time.

As soon as active alignment is finished, the assembly with selective laser soldering takes place. Ideally, the contact area is already coated with solder material from an earlier deposition process. Alternativley, solder paste can be dispensed at the joining area. A laser melts the solder material and a durable joint will be formed after cooling down.

The simultaneous soldering with multiple beams which are oriented symmetrically minimize the shift during assembly. The electronics of the soldering laser stores temperature profiles which can be called ruing the process. An active temperature measurement will be used for demanding applications: an additional pyrometer inside the optical beam path measures the temperature in the focal spot precisely and serves as feedback for the optical output power.

When NanoSolder works as a single station, the devices will be loaded with trays which carry one or several sets of components. The quick release clamping reduces the loading time to the minimum.

For a higher degree of automation, NanoSolder will be integrated into production lines. In this case, belts or robots bring the parts into the working position. Alternatively, feeders will be used for loading (e. g. JEDEC tray feeders). Single stations can be upgraded in the future.

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