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Versatile processing methods in the low micrometer regime

VersaHybrid is a semi or fully automated production system for complex assemblies which require a precision in the low micrometer regime. Assembly techniques include micro welding, selective laser soldering and gluing plus laser fine cutting. Various processing methods are combined in one station. Feeders, belts and robots allow for full automation.

Powerful Machine Vision Capability

High resolution machine vision supports the various process steps. Device specific algorithms consist of a combination of multiple process steps (e. g. pattern matching, circular detection and edge detection), thus providing high recognition rates and minimizing process time.

A granite structure provides highest stability. With its mechanical performance it is insensitive against external disturbances. The motions system uses linear motors with linear encoders as feedback, providing a resolution of 5 nm. With this design, components can be placed and permanently fixed with deviations in the low micrometer regime.

Benefits of VersaHybrid

  • Combination of various micro production techniques

  • High placement accuracies

  • Powerful machine vision

  • Roll-out to automated loading

  • High productivity

Manual or automated loading

Loading can be performed manually or automated. For manual loading, individually designed device trays minimize the handling time to a minimum. Automated loading with feeders, robots and/or belts allow for a safe unattended 24/7 production.

Individual joining of components

The assembly techniques are determined by the requirements of the device. For instance, a component can be selectively soldered by laser onto a PC board, in the next step another part is laser welded and glued to it. In the last step, laser cutting will be used for removing fine supporting structures.

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