Waffle packs, gel packs or custom trays present the integrated chips for pick-up. In the visual inspection station, machine visions measures the devices. Any deviation will be measured and defects result in rejection of the device. After successful inspection, the chip will be precsiely positioned onto the probe card.

A plunger presses the device onto the probe needles of the electronic board with a well-known force and ensures reliable contact. At the same time, the plunger serves as heating element and sets the device at a constant temperature during the measurement.

As an option, NanoTest PIC HD uses an integrated scrubbing mechanism for the probe card. The scrubbing tool gently moves against the contact needles and executes a pre-programmed motion cycle.

NanoTest PIC HD works either with passive placment or uses active alignment for otimal couling efficiency into fibers or fiber arrays.

Benefits of NanoTest PIC HD

  • Full characterization of HD PICs for DC and RF values

  • Advanced machine vision for optical inspection

  • Automated processes allow for maximum throughput

  • Easily adaptable for various device geometries and signal configurations

  • Accepts gel packs, waffle packs or custom trays

  • Large temperature range

  • Works as stand-alone system or in-line in production flows

Modular Software

The software package TestMaster controls all system functions and interfaces with other programs in order to start complex test routines. Various instruments can be integrated into the process flow. A local databse stores the measurement results. Alternatively, these can be transferred into a system with higher hierarchy.

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