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Nanosystec: Products with a system

High performance systems with long lifetime – easy to integrate into existing lines

nanosystec delivers customized solutions for applications which require highest precision during assembly. We support our customers from feasibility testing to high volume serial production.

Active alignment with nano precision

Optimum coupling efficiency of opto-electronic components is performed by active alignment with a typical precision of < 100 nm. This applies to the one- and multi-channel adjustment of optics and optical fibers versus diode lasers and integrated photonic circuits.

With the OptoSpin option, alignment time is reduced to several seconds. Gluing with UV curing, laser welding or selective laser soldering fixes the optimum position permanently.

Exact placement with micro precision

Opto-electronic assemblies are efficiently and precisely mounted. Depending on the requirements, a precision of < 1 µm is realized. Typical processes include the placement of laser structures, VCSELs, photo diodes, PICs, modulators, optics, apertures and similar components.

According to the production volume, loading is performed manually or automated. The assembly techniques include gluing and UV curing, selective laser soldering, eutectic bonding and laser welding.

Opto-electronic characterization

All opto-electronic devices need to be measured for their key data. Typical values which need to be documented include power over current, spectral data such as wavelength and bandwidth, spatial characteristics of the laser beam, modulation grades and transmission functions.

In addition, the visual inspection indicates the quality and usability of the devices. All measurements data are recorded and can be used for further evaluation.

Laser balancing and fine cutting

Modern laser sources combined with state-of-the-art machine vision and precise motion systems are the prerequisite for fine laser balancing stations with precision material ablation as well as exact contours for precise cutting. Remaining imbalances of only several µgmm will be achieved.

The station will be equipped with a laser source which will provide an efficient and precise ablation for the material to be processed.

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