OFC San Diego

March 7-9, 2023

During OFC 2023, nanosystec demonstrates two set-ups for high-precision alignment and assembly.

NanoWeld is the proven alignment and welding system for high volume packaging of transmitters and receivers. Key features of the NanoWeld station are low weld shift and high repeatability. The system works with single and multi-channel coaxial and butterfly devices. The process time including loading/unloading can be as short as 25 seconds, depending on the device to be manufactured. Combined with OptoSpind and automated loading, even shorter cycle times will be reached.

VersaHybrid is the ideal solution for manufacturing electro-optical subassemblies. The inherent precision allows positioning of diode laser, lenses, arrays, photo detectors and other optical elements with an error of less than 1µm. This error can be further reduced with active machine vision and sensors. The parts are then permanently fixed by gluing or laser soldering. VersaHybrid addresses low and mid volume applications.

LASER Munich

June 27 to 30, 2023

nanosystec presents high-precision laser-based production stations for micro assembly and fine cutting on LASER 2023 show in Munich (June 27 to 30), booth 344 in hall B2.

With up to 6 degrees of freedom and long-travel linear motor axes with encoders for position readout in the submicron range, the precision laser stations comply with complex geometries. As an additional option, a XY scanner deviates the laser beam to any position in a field of 100 mm x 100 mm within milliseconds.

Modern fiber laser sources offer up to 500 W cw power and create weld seams down to 20 µm width. In pulsed mode, such lasers provide high peak powers which allow for fine cutting. Diode laser modules provide the required power for selective laser soldering while lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers with multiple outputs server for low shift spot and seam welding.

Automated machine vision utilizes the images from the process optics and external cameras for motion control purposes, such as seam tracking and the recognition of difficult shapes, e. g. rotor blades. Device-specific machine vision algorithms reduce the processing time to a minimum.

The production systems work as a single station or can be integrated into production lines. Trays for single or multiple devices sets, robots, belts and feeders present the parts for processing and allow for the exchange with other work stations in the line.


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