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Active Alignment with OptoSpin


The coupling of fiber and fiber arrays to chips and modulators is a critical task.  Conventional coupling delivers high quality results but the time needed for active alignment is often too long. OptoSpin overcomes this hurdle.

The feedback signal drives the motion stages of OptoSpin. With a response time in the order of microseconds, it takes less than 1 second to reach the optimal position in most of the cases. Compared with passive placement, OptoSpin is nearly as fast and the resulting losses are much smaller.

OptoSpin  is an option for all nanosystec systems with active alignment. The nature of optical coupling with laser, fiber and fiber arrays, chips and modulators and similar devices is well suited for efficient use of OptoSpin. But this is not the limit – every application which needs positional correction as a function of an electrical signal benefits from this technology.

Ideally, the fast alignment engine is part of a Nanosystec system from the beginning. But also a later upgrade with OptoSpin is a viable possibility.

OptoSpin is designed for high speed. The moving masses are small and the driving forces high. Capacity sensors serve for position readout and the resolution is in the order of  a few nm. Despite its ultrafast speed Optospin carries relatively high loads without deteriorating its performance.

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