OptoSpin combines the advantages of high active alignment accuracy with the fast speed of passive processes.

It aligns optical elements, such as fibers, lenses, diode lasers, VCSEL's and photodiodes with the same coupling efficiency as conventional active alignment stations – but nearly as fast as a passive alignment.

In a NanoWeld Coax station, OptoSpin replaces the XY linear alignment axes. With 1mm x 1mm search range, sufficient alignment for optical fibers and receptacles is granted. OptoSpin works at less than 20 nm resolution and shows excellent repeatability. A spiral search for finding first light takes less than a second and the entire optimization is a matter of a few seconds.

Using Optospin for the alignment process is the base for faster loading and unloading procedures. The parts to be aligned and connected are presented to Nanoweld in large magazines holding up to 50 sets of components. These are then subsequently processed and after completion the operator loads new magazines.

Edge coupling of optical fibers or fiber arrays to an integrated optical circuit is equally fast. A NanoGlue station equipped with OptoSpin will position the fiber in front of the channel of the PIC in a few seconds. The search range can be as large as 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm which is more than sufficient to cope with all channel design and pitches.

To cut the time for loading/unloading of the devices, the tray concept holding multiple set of components helps, especially when combined with stop motion conveyor belts for integration into production lines.




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